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Google Calendar

You can learn what is Google Calendar and how it works.

Views in Calendar

How to check your schedule in Google Calendar.

Customizing the Calendar view

You can customize the calendar view.

Setting the Time Zones

How to set secondary time zone for your Google Calendar.

Working Hours Settings

How to set Working Hours in your Google Calendar and how it works.

My Calendars

What is My Calendar and how it’s different from Other’s.

Creating a New My Calendar

You can create new calendars anytime.

Adding Members to Manage a Calendar

Learn how to add members to manage calendars together.

Calendars of Interest and Resources

How to add Calendars of interest and Resources.

Notifications in Calendar

How to set Notifications in Calendar.

Sharing Your Calendar within the Same Domain

How to share your calendar with internal members.

Sharing with Specific People

How to share your calendar with specific people.

Creating / Editing an Event Simply

How to create / edit an event simply.

Creating / Editing an Event with the Details

How to create an event with the details.

Duplicating an Event and Transferring the Ownership.

You can duplicate an event or transfer the ownership.

Creating an All-day Event

How to create All-day event.

Inviting a Guest and Replying an Inivitation

How to invite guests for your event and reply to an invitation.

Editing / Deleting an Existing Event with Invited Guests

How to edit / delete an exsisting event with guests.

Auto-Response to Invitations

You can set Auto-response to invitations.

Reserving Resources and Finding a Time

How to reserve Resources and find available time of guests.