Header - Gmail

Gmail Window

Let’s learn about Gmail window and the basic functions.

Opening and Downloading Attachments

How to open and download attachment files in Gmail.


How to use Tasks in Gmail.

Tasks – Marking Complete –

How to mark for completed Tasks.

Displaying Category Tabs

How to set the Category Tabs to sort your emails easier.

Conversation View

What is Conversation view and how to set up the function.

Priority Inbox

What is Primary Inbox and how to set it up.

Preview Panel

Preview Pane makes your inbox like mail client softwares.

Composing and Sending a New Mail

How to compose and send a new mail.

Replying an Email

How to replying an email.

Forwarding an Email

How to forward an email.

Attaching Files

Introuce several ways to attach files.


What is Labels and how to use.


What is Starred and how to use.

Creating New Labels

How to create new Labels.

Editing / Deleting Labels

How to edit / delete Labels.

Removing / Changing Labels

How to remove / change Labels.


What is Archive and how to use.


How to use Spams function.


How to use Trash function.


What is Snooze and how to use.

Seach Function in Gmail

How the Searching function in Gmail is valuable.

Importance Markers

What is Importance Markers and hoe to use.

Creating a New Filter

How to create a Filter.

Editing / Deleting Filters

How to edit/ delete Filters.

Undo Send

What is Undo Send and how to use.

Creating a Signature

How to set your Signature.

Vacation Responder

What is Vacation Responder and how to use.

Keyboard Shortcuts

How to use Keyboard Shortcuts.

Canned Resoposes

What is Canned Responses and how to use.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

How to customize Keyboard Shortcuts.

Adding Another Sending Address

How to add another sending address.

Adding a Receiving Email Account

How to add another receiving email account.

Delegating Your Gmail

What is Delegate function and how to use.

Accepting Delegation

How to accepte delegation request.

Creating / Deleting/Merging Contacts

How to create / delete/ merge Contacts.

Creating / Deleting Group Labels

How to create / delete Group Labels.

Adding / Deleting Group Label Members

How to add / delete Group Label members.