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Hangouts Chat

Let’s learn about Hangouts Chat.

Starting Chat by Finding People

To start chat, you can search the person who you want to chat with.

Sending Messages to People in a Group Chat

How to send messages in a group chat.

Creating a Chat Room and Adding Members

How to create chat room and add members.

Conversation in a Chat Room

How to exchange messages in a chat room.

Sending Direct Message to a Group Chat Member

How to send one-on-one messages to a group member.

Removing a Member and Leaving a Room

How to remove a member and leave a room by yourself.

Notification for Each Thread

How to control notifications for each thread.

Viewing Members / Renaming a Chat Room

How to check members and rename a Chat room.

Searching People, Groups, and Rooms

You can search people, groups and rooms easily.

Searching Chat Messages

How to search chat messages.

Turning on / off Notifications

How to turn on / off Notifications.

Managing the Chat History

What is Chat History and how to manage.