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06 Jul
Google Workspace VS a free Gmail account

  Do you know the difference between Google Workspace and a free Gmail account?   Some companies still use free Gmail for business, but using free Gmail for business has a huge risk as the viewpoint of security such as the enforcement of PDPA in Thailand recently. This is because there is a possibility of losing the trust of customers and partners and affecting your business deal.   Let me explain how Google Workspace is different from a free Gmail account. *If you want to know “How Google Workspace can make your company secure according to PDPA”, please click here   Admin function and Security   Google Workspace has an admin function called “Admin Console” that can be accessed only

15 Jun
How Can Google Workspace Enhance Security of Data Storage to Comply with PDPA?

  Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA comes into full effect on 1 June, 2022. It is generally applied to all organizations that collect others’ personal data. The consent from data subject is required and the collected information should be managed in the appropriate way. It’s necessary to define management rules, maintain security of data storage and proceed based on the setting rules accordingly. In case of data leakage, it has to verify the status of recorded information. Every organization should realize and comply with PDPA cautiously.   As per discussion earlier, each organization must define and set proper regulations. So we would like to introduce you the summary of Google Workspace’s various functions enhancing security of personal data