Know More Google Workspace on our seminar

Agenda 1. How Google Workspace can work base on security? Be sure with an international certification from Google.   2. Everything in control with Admin console.  Can control everything in your organization and easy.   3. More safe with Drive Audit Log. Keep everything and audit then fix it with Drive Audit Log.  Time duration  13:00 – 13:50      Seminar time  13:50 – 14:00   Q&A 14:00      Finish seminar Who should join this seminar?      •  CEO, MD, IT Manager and who is looking for IT tools for your business. Note: This seminar is only Thai speaking 

What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a 100% Cloud Groupware for Enterprise, which is selected by 5 million companies all over the world.  You can access your company data from “Anywhere” by “Anytime” with “Any devices” also come together with the world class Security and Management tools.  This is not just a tools but to support to realize your company’s change management.


Gather and store all of the information of your company on Google Workspace,  sharing information become more quickly and effectively.


With large capacity (30GB, 2TB, 5TB) you don’t need to worried about the capacity of mail server or file server anymore.


Access to the company data “Anywhere” “Anytime” “Any devices”, you don’t need to waste your time anymore.

Management / Control

Admin can control every user’s ID and applications from Admin Console easily.  Even you also can check the usage of each users as well.


Make the internal communication more active and smooth with Chat, SNS and Comment function.  Teamwork will be more strong.


World class security authorized by third party*, guaranteed uptime 99.9% SLA, unique data processing by GFS.  You can totally trust on Google Workspace.

*ISO27001 / SAS 70 TypeII / SSAE 16 TypeII / ISAE 3402 TypeII etc

Our Services

In order to make a decision to use cloud tools, it’s not only focus on “How to deploy new Cloud tool for your company” but the most important thing is about “How to lead all of your staff to work with cloud service after the deployment” which is called Change Management.

What's New

Format your text easier with new feature Markdown in Google Docs on web   Are you looking for a way to make use of Google Docs efficiently? Creating your text document faster and easier without using keyboard shortcuts is what interests you? If so, you can try the new feature Markdown in Google Docs on Web.   At present, Google Docs provides some Markdown syntax such as: – Italic – Bold – Italic and bold – Strikethrough – Links     The above picture shows Markdown syntax and their effects.   You can enjoy this experience by following a few simple steps:    1. Open Google Doc, select “Tools”, and “Preferences”       2.  On Preferences page, enable “Automatically

  Google Workspace is a 100% cloud groupware provided by Google. It includes every necessary app for the job with email, scheduler, file server, chat and video conferencing tools etc..It provides an excellent tool for improving the productivity of the organization such as simultaneous document editing function. We can say that it is an indispensable tool for DX (Digital Transformation) for every business.   *If you want to know more about Google Workspace, please check this page   Google Workspace can be purchased from Google and Google’s official partners. So why would we recommend buying from Street Smart? Here are 5 reasons.     1. Over 10 years of experience and achievements certified by Google Street Smart was founded in