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11 May
Google Enables Markdown Feature in Google Docs on Web

Format your text easier with new feature Markdown in Google Docs on web   Are you looking for a way to make use of Google Docs efficiently? Creating your text document faster and easier without using keyboard shortcuts is what interests you? If so, you can try the new feature Markdown in Google Docs on Web.   At present, Google Docs provides some Markdown syntax such as: – Italic – Bold – Italic and bold – Strikethrough – Links     The above picture shows Markdown syntax and their effects.   You can enjoy this experience by following a few simple steps:    1. Open Google Doc, select “Tools”, and “Preferences”       2.  On Preferences page, enable “Automatically

27 Apr
5 reasons to buy the Google Workspace License from STREET SMART (Thailand)

  Google Workspace is a 100% cloud groupware provided by Google. It includes every necessary app for the job with email, scheduler, file server, chat and video conferencing tools etc..It provides an excellent tool for improving the productivity of the organization such as simultaneous document editing function. We can say that it is an indispensable tool for DX (Digital Transformation) for every business.   *If you want to know more about Google Workspace, please check this page   Google Workspace can be purchased from Google and Google’s official partners. So why would we recommend buying from Street Smart? Here are 5 reasons.     1. Over 10 years of experience and achievements certified by Google Street Smart was founded in

12 Apr
We will be closed during Songkran Holidays

STREET SMART (Thailand) will be closed during the holidays.       During Songkran Festival, STREET SMART (Thailand) will be closed from 13th-17th April 2022. And will resume work on 18th April 2022.   Sorry for inconvenience, if you have any urgent case, please email to: it_thai@street-smart.co.th   Happy Songkran Festival!!

12 Apr
Enjoy the New Way of Sharable Space in Google Chat

New way to create sharing of spaces in Google Chat for your organization   How can we build the community and foster discussion among teams in organization? Here might be the answer. Google updates easier way for space’s access in organization. You can now create spaces in Google Chat and share among team members in organization, asking them to join easily with a shared link.     From the above picture, once creating a new space, you can choose and allow all members in your organization to join. It is relatively simple and practical to enhance space’s access to everyone in an organization.     Then you just copy the link and share it with other members. It is no

24 Mar
Create an Email Draft Template in Google Docs

Using Google Docs to compose email draft template will be available soon!   Google provides easy collaboration on an email draft in Google Docs. With this new feature, you can make email draft and mention people who are the recipients by using the “@ menu”. It’s unnecessary to fill their full email addresses.     Moreover, the template on Google Docs also includes “To, Cc, Bcc, subject and body part” similarly to Gmail template. Once you finish your draft, just click the button alongside the template. Then your email draft in Google Docs shall automatically export to the Gmail composing window.     It might be beneficial for those people who want to refer or use some information source from

14 Mar
New Update for Manager Role in Chat Spaces

New manager role optimizes Chat Spaces in the company, promoting effective communication.    Google promotes more features on Chat Spaces to improve better communication among teams. It ensures that everyone can cooperate toward the same direction smoothly, these improvements include:   Empower manager role to control spaces’ management. Space manager has the ability to manage and control the space in the organization. Space creators shall be set as manager by default, but it can assign to the others afterwards.      Manager can set the conversation context for space. It can be described as space’s purpose or common path for all members. Managers can add descriptions once they create the spaces. The members can also view the space’s detail when

23 Feb
New functions for easier work on online documents working with Google Docs.

New ways to manage the tables easier on Google Docs.    Google updated new way to work on Google Docs. You can manage the table more flexible with all type of working style including;   Pin a table to the header row and repeat on each page. Sometimes, when you create a long table on a document, the content might exceed more than one page. You might feel annoyed to arrange a header on each page, however it can be solved by this function.           Manage the row not to be split across pages. With this function, you can gather content in the table sticking together that provides a professional look on your document.       

01 Feb
Urgent announcement! G Suite legacy free edition will be no longer available from 1st July 2022.

Google has announced to cancel G Suite legacy free edition for registered customers from 1st July 2022.     Google has announced to customers who are using G Suite legacy free edition (the legacy free edition of Google Apps) registered before 5th December 2012 about cancellation of the service. Customers will be automatically upgraded to Google Workspace subscription starting 1st May 2022 and need to set the billing information on the Admin console by 1st July 2022. If customers don’t upgrade to Google Workspace on schedule as above, their G Suite subscription will not be available anymore. About Google Workspace editions, you can choose;         • Google Workspace Business Starter       • Google Workspace Business

09 Dec
Follow every update and better functions to manage your domain with Google Workspace.

  For Google Workspace admins, catch up every update of Google for your users to work more efficient in your domain.   Update 2 functions on Admin console of Google Workspace. Admin can check and announce latest updating to your users faster which is including;    New updates of product: Admins can check every update of the tools and functions on Google Workspace.   Alerts: Showing any alert in your domain from user’s account in alert center.         By following these features, admin can stay up to date for the latest Google Workspace updates. Previously, admins have to visit Google Workspace Updates blog directly. However, there might be a possibility that they could miss any new function