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16 Jul
Why “Smart Canvas” can change your working style with Google Workspace?

Learn more new knowledge by using Google Workspace and make it an easier way to work.   It has been more than 1 year since we all have faced the Covid19 situation which affects too many sections such as the economy that make our working style change to work at our place or Work from Home more.    Google just developed their functions of Google Workspace to recompense all their Google Workspace customers. It enhances many people work from home more efficiently, and doesn’t feel different from work at the office. For example, we need to have a meeting in the same room but nowadays we have video conferences, another smart option for remote working.   Lately, Google has launched

28 May
Get tracking with all changes on Google Docs.

Follow and manage working with your colleagues in Google Docs can be easier with the function of seeing any history on the sentence.   Google always realizes the importances and advantages for real time collaborative working. It might increase the effectiveness and efficiency if you can get tracking who edited the document.   This update has developed from the “See version history” but to be more practical and easy to use. Now users can check any edited content by highlighting the specific words or sentence and click right and choose “Show editors” then you can see who had edited this sentence.       Moreover, you can go to the “See version history” directly if you want. Your work will

05 May
Change UI for easier and flexible work on Google Meet.

  Even if you are in the Work From Home condition, you have a friendly and easy function to use which helps you work more flexibly with Google Meet.   Google Meet Updating again with a User-friendly concept. Google got many feedbacks from Google Workspace users to update some function such as;   Video Feeds   – For the layout, you can select what kind of window you want, grid view or a separate window.  You can resize, change position or hide it as well.   – For your self-view, you can see yourself on the right bottom of the Meet window if you select a grid view.          Viewing and sharing the screen – You can see

20 Apr
Make your presentation outstanding with Google Slides!

The big change for your presentation to be outstanding and build your confidence with Google Slides.    Have you ever presented your work and faced some problems? For example, the controller bar always pop-up when you are presenting because it is over size. That might bother your presentation. Also you might lost your confidence either.     The previous controller bar on Google Slides.     The present controller bar on Google Slides.     With these reasons, Google has updated and developed the presenting functions and you can increase the efficiency of your work in the new controller bar. The presenter can see new functions as;           • Selecting the previous or next slide.    

22 Mar
Easier to control the settings for IMAP and POP separately on Admin Console!

Updated for Google Workspace’s admins for IMAP/POP management easier in your organization.     New updated from Google for Google Workspace’s admins about IMAP/POP.  You can now manage IMAP and POP settings separately on the Admin Console.    Google just separated the setting functions on the Admin Console for turning on/off IMAP and POP for support who are admins easier to manage, also users can use the functions better.         Additionally, this update has added an option for more secure of your data and users which is “Restrict which mail clients users can use (OAuth mail clients only)” for block users to sign in some applications that are less secure. In case, you have a policy for users

04 Mar
Let’s get to know the “Secret” functions on Gmail

  Sharing our tips to work as a professional on Gmail for Google Workspace and personal Google account users.   Dear our lovely customers, today we would like to share an interesting topic to you. We think it will be helpful for you to manage your email easier and smarter for sure. Our team also uses it 🙂    The first function is “Label”, some people might never know this function. Gmail label is like a “tag or post it” that shows on Gmail window.        Important point, you also can manage your label’s name easier.       For sure today we won’t present you just one function. We still have another function that can work perfectly

10 Feb
Saving your time with Office documents on Gmail

  It would be better if you can save more time for opening the office files in one click on Gmail?    With the last updated function “Open and Edit Office files”, you can open and edit your office files smoother and easier in one click on your Google Drive. Furthermore, with the latest update, you can open and edit your office files attached to emails on your Gmail screen directly.  It would be a better choice for many users.   Previously, you needed to click on the office files that were attached to the email, then you had to save it to your Drive before opening and editing the file. Now you can edit the office file attached to

13 Jan
What’s “Breakout rooms” on Google Meet?

  Previously, the “Breakout rooms” function was available for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers only. But from now it launched for G Suite and Google Workspace already which today we will introduce to you about this function.    We know who is using Google account waiting for this “Breakout rooms” function on Google Meet. For this function you can use it for group work or discussion with participants in the meeting and the host of Meet can custom each room’s members by her/himself.    Also we would like to share the “Breakout rooms” function on Google Meet has some features that are very unique. You can check more information below;          • Ask for help For

25 Dec
Working easier with “Open and Edit Office files” on online Google Documents.

  Work easier and save more time with “Office editing mode” that you can open and edit your Microsoft Office files on Google Documents.    Not a few Google users keep using Microsoft Office files on Google Drive. For this reason, Google just updated the function called “Office editing mode” as a default setting.  Previously, once you needed to use “Office editing mode”, you had to open the Office file as “Preview” first, then open it again with “Office editing mode”.  From now, you can make it faster with just double clicking on the file.         This “Office editing mode” you can edit, suggest and work together real time in the same Office file with your colleagues