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18 May
Announced Google Meet is free for everyone!

  Google make Google Meet free for everyone.    Now, Thai government has a campaign of “stay safe at home”. Google believe communication is the most important things for family, business or company, then announced to make Google Meet free for everyone to help your video conference.  Before, this application opened for only G Suite users.   Google Meet (previous name is Hangouts Meet) is an application for video conference with high security and useful functions. Google Meet designed to be easy to use and faster communication. Interested functions including the layout to show your participants up to 16 users and advanced screen sharing that will make your presentation, quality of video and sound much better.  Moreover, you can use

02 Apr
Google supports businesses for a better connection on Hangouts Meet.

  Google supports business customers for faster, smother and security with advanced features on Hangout Meet.   *Announced extending to be the end of September 2020. (Updated on April 10th 2020)   Google CEO Sundar Pichai source: www.cnbc.com     Because of the COVID-19 spread and prevalent around the world, many countries try to support their citizen on every side, even business side still needs to keep in process. Google agreed that communication within the company is very important, then Google expanded the premium feature for Enterprise edition to other G Suite editions which can use till July 2020. With this support, all G Suite users can use these feature for free;    – Large video conferences can support up

26 Mar
Google will shutdown App Maker for G Suite customers.

  Announced shutdown App Maker for G Suite customer in January 2021.    From the usage report of Google, the customer who using G Suite did not use App Maker much, then considered shutting down this app which G Suite customers can use or work on App Maker but they will not maintain the system anymore.    From April 15, 2020, the user who is working on App Maker will not have access to create a new application but still be able to edit applications that have already been created. The App Maker will close officially on April 19, 2021 however, the data stored in Cloud SQL will remain and continue to follow the policy by your Google Cloud Platform

05 Mar
Update the new function, make your work easier on Google Slides!

  More options for helping you work easier to make a copy of your presentation on Google Slides.     Updated the new function on Google Slides, help you work easier which you have more 2 options, “Make a copy with selected slides” and “Make a copy with remove all speaker notes”.   For the first options “Make a copy with selected slides”, you can choose specific slides that you want to make a copy which cut the steps to delete slides that you don’t need.     Photo: G Suite Updates     And another option is “Make a copy with remove all speaker notes”. You can remove speaker notes from the presentation that you need to make a copy.

11 Feb
Search your files faster on Google Chrome!

  You can search files on Google Drive easier and faster with Google Chrome.   From the beginning of 2019, Google announced a beta for Drive files suggestion function on Google Chrome in G Suite Basic, Business and Enterprise edition only.   From now on, this function was already launched in December 2019 for all the users of G Suite including Basic, Business and Enterprise editions. This function can make G Suite users access their files on Google Drive faster, just search from the URL bar on Google Chrome window.    You can search Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, PDFs also including other type of file which this function is similar to search on “My Drive” or “Share with me”.    

14 Jan
Updated new function, convert voice to be real time text on Hangouts Meet!

The “Live Captions” function that helps to convert voice to be real time text, ready to use on Hangouts meet for iOS.   Previously, Google announced update the “Live Captions” function that help users to convert voice to be real time text on Hangouts meet for Web browser and Android at the beginning of 2019.   Finally, Google has announced update this function for iOS for more efficient communication.   Have you ever experienced a situation like this? You needed to join the video conference with your colleagues or foreign clients and you could not catch them well and that made you misunderstood.  But this kind of situation will not be happened again If you use the “Live Captions” function

24 Dec
Announcement of New Year Holidays

    Dear Our Customers Our office will be closed from 27th December to 2nd January 2020 for New Year Holidays.    Please feel free to contact us via this email info_thai@street-smart.co.th for any emergency case during the holidays.   Happy holidays! STREET SMART (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Photo by Free pik

24 Dec
“Sharing” and “Editing” together has become a part of our company culture and easier development of new ideas!

Many organizations in Thailand has been changed to use G Suite from Google in their business but other organizations still feel not sure to change from the present system to G Suite.  With this cause, STREET SMART is willing to help you easily to imaging with our customer’s G Suite experience.   STREET SMART: Thank you Mr. Hayato Mori for the interview opportunity to STREET SMART (Thailand) today.  First, we would like to know more about YOSHU, could you please tell us a little more information?     YOSHU: Our business is about distributing mainly stainless steel, as well as other metals like Titanium and High Nickel alloy to our branches in Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam.  In our group,

20 Dec
Set your profile picture for all Google applications in one step!

You can set your profile picture for all Google applications easier in one step only.      Have you ever had this situation? Your profile picture made you confused while you were using Google applications because your profile picture on Gmail and G Suite account were different.    This problem will be solved for all G Suite editions. Google combined the profile picture on Gmail and Google account together. Therefore, when you want to update your profile picture on Gmail, you will access your Google profile directly and set your profile picture easier in one step.   How to set profile picture for users You can set a profile picture for Gmail and Google account from the steps below;  Open