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01 Apr
Automatically suggest a room for you on Google Calendar!

More convenient with automatically room suggestion on Calendar via Android and IOS devices.      Calendar automatically room suggestion feature is available on Android and IOS devices the same as on the web. The room will be suggested by AI based on locations and guests preferences.                                                                                                                   To use this feature your admin needs to Set work locations of users Set shared resources (rooms)

25 Mar
New migration tool on G Suite will help you securely migrate big data

New data migration tool on G Suite will help you to migrate the data more secure and easy!      G Suite is launching a new tool for migration, it’s called “G Suite Migrate.” The migration tool is the beta version now and if your organization would like to use it, your admins need to apply the form for use as the beta version, but for users don’t need any actions at all.                                                                                              

15 Mar
Finally! Classic Hangouts move to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet soon. What does the Admin need to do?

Classic Hangouts will move to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet soon. Due to this change, Google will stop Gmail Hold for containing Hangouts message on Vault and will separate individually as Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet Holds. The admins can easily copy the Hold rules for the same policy as before.      Google has decided to stop Hangouts message feature on Gmail Hold since 16th April 2019. And will keep the message from Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat in Hangouts Chat Hold and Hangouts Meet Hold on Google Vault. In Order to keep the messages, you need to check the retention and rules of holding the message on Vault.                    

15 Mar
Our apologies for the inconvenience for Gmail and Google Drive issues

Due to this situation, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences       In order of STREET SMART (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we are writing this to apologize for the issue situation. You may have already known or faced about Gmail and Google Drive problem on 13th March 2019 that couldn’t send or receive email, including couldn’t download or open attached files.       G Suite Status Dashboard     Due to this situation, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences and thank you for your patience and continued support. Please rest assured that system reliability is a top priority at Google, and They are making continuous improvements to make our systems better.   And since now, if you face problems

27 Feb
New UI for Gmail on Mobile Application will make you feel fresh

Gmail UI is transformed into the new version to feel more fresh and clear for usage.      Recently Google made change for Drive, Documents, Slides, Spreadsheets, and Sites on the web. And now they’ve changed UI on mobile as well. Let see what will be new on the app.     Gmail Account                                                                                                              Labels     What’s new on the Gmail app – You can

12 Feb
Compose your email easier with Undo/Redo and new other functions

Google has launched new functions on Gmail for an easier way to compose your email.      In early February, Google added more 3 functions on Gmail. And we are going to introduce these functions and how useful they are.   The first is “Undo” and “Redo” function on Compose. These buttons are on the format menu, you can easily undo or redo the message on Compose with them.         The second is the “Strikethrough” function which shows on the format menu as well. You can use this function in a traditional way that you’ve made a mistake or in other purposes to make the message easier to be noticed.         The last one

11 Jan
Time for new Google Contacts

G Suite will move all contacts to new Google Contacts and shut down the present Google Contact on 12th Feb 2019.      If you are presently using Google Contacts, here is an update for you! G Suite will move all the contacts in present Google Contacts to the new one (known as “Contacts preview”) and then will shut down the present Google Contacts which all of these are going to take place within February 2019. Here are processes which will be taken place before the new Google Contacts will be in use, importantly only admins have to inform their users about new Google Contacts.         On 28th November 2018, admin can choose to enable New Contacts

02 Nov
Automatic caption on Google Slides presentation

Google Slides can show real-time caption from the speaker’s voice.      It’s good news that Google Slides has a new feature to help your presentation is more convenient for speakers and audiences. With this new feature will automatically create captions while speakers are speaking and show them below the slides.         The feature will use the microphone from the computer that is presenting Google Slides and will catch only voice from the speaker then automatically create and show descriptions below the slides. Which this feature will help your audiences catching contents better than ever. And this feature is now available on every plan of G Suite for end users.         You can check the

04 Jun
Move From Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

Google will move all G Suite customers from Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet automatically on 21st May 2018.      Google has announced they will move all G Suite customers from Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet automatically on 21st May 2018. Due to this announcement, we would like to give you more information about Hangouts Meet features and the differences between Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet.         For those meetings in events we’ve duplicated on Google Calendar for a long time ago, they will stay on Classic Hangouts. Only new events we create will switch to Hangouts Meet automatically, you don’t need to set anything by yourselves.   After 21st May 2018, Classic Hangouts is still available