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04 Mar
Let’s get to know the “Secret” functions on Gmail

  Sharing our tips to work as a professional on Gmail for Google Workspace and personal Google account users.   Dear our lovely customers, today we would like to share an interesting topic to you. We think it will be helpful for you to manage your email easier and smarter for sure. Our team also uses it 🙂    The first function is “Label”, some people might never know this function. Gmail label is like a “tag or post it” that shows on Gmail window.        Important point, you also can manage your label’s name easier.       For sure today we won’t present you just one function. We still have another function that can work perfectly

10 Feb
Saving your time with Office documents on Gmail

  It would be better if you can save more time for opening the office files in one click on Gmail?    With the last updated function “Open and Edit Office files”, you can open and edit your office files smoother and easier in one click on your Google Drive. Furthermore, with the latest update, you can open and edit your office files attached to emails on your Gmail screen directly.  It would be a better choice for many users.   Previously, you needed to click on the office files that were attached to the email, then you had to save it to your Drive before opening and editing the file. Now you can edit the office file attached to

13 Jan
What’s “Breakout rooms” on Google Meet?

  Previously, the “Breakout rooms” function was available for G Suite Enterprise for Education customers only. But from now it launched for G Suite and Google Workspace already which today we will introduce to you about this function.    We know who is using Google account waiting for this “Breakout rooms” function on Google Meet. For this function you can use it for group work or discussion with participants in the meeting and the host of Meet can custom each room’s members by her/himself.    Also we would like to share the “Breakout rooms” function on Google Meet has some features that are very unique. You can check more information below;          • Ask for help For

25 Dec
Working easier with “Open and Edit Office files” on online Google Documents.

  Work easier and save more time with “Office editing mode” that you can open and edit your Microsoft Office files on Google Documents.    Not a few Google users keep using Microsoft Office files on Google Drive. For this reason, Google just updated the function called “Office editing mode” as a default setting.  Previously, once you needed to use “Office editing mode”, you had to open the Office file as “Preview” first, then open it again with “Office editing mode”.  From now, you can make it faster with just double clicking on the file.         This “Office editing mode” you can edit, suggest and work together real time in the same Office file with your colleagues

04 Dec
Announcement for changing a policy for Google Workspace’s customers.

  Important announcement for changing a new policy for Google Workspace’s customers in 2021.    Google has announced to change a policy for business customers who are using Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) within 2021.   Currently for Google Workspace’s customers (Formerly G Suite) can create and keep any Google Documents including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard on your Google Drive and it does not count storage quotas.   But from 1st June 2021 next year, any files that are newly created will count your storage quotas, the storage limit for each user depends on the edition their organization is using. You can read more information below; (Anyway this policy will not affect your files that have been

20 Nov
Make meetings run smoothly with Google Meet!

  We will introduce some tips to run online meetings smoothly without minor troubles on Google Meet.    Have you ever had a meeting with your customers or colleagues which have minor troubles many times such as your place is uncomfortable to turn on a camera at that time etc… Those problems will not happen if you use Google Meet.    Nowadays people in Thailand are interested in Work from Home more than before, especially in 2020. Today we would like to introduce you about the interesting functions on Google Meet to make your meeting go smoothly.          1. Turn ON/OFF Microphone before joining a meeting. While you Work from Home, sometimes you might face some urgent case

11 Nov
Announcement for who are using Google Apps Device Policy.

  For Google Apps Device Policy users on Smartphone.   The important announcement from Google for who is using Google Apps Device Policy on your smartphone. You must update your mobile system which you can follow this information below;    With users who are using Google accounts on Android and using Google Device Policy must download Android Device Policy instead before October 26th 2021 in order to keep sync and access to your information. If you do not download it by the date, you will lose access to your information.   For using Android Device Policy, the OS must be Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later version. In case, you use earlier Android, you can sync and access your data but

05 Nov
Everything for your business with Google Workspace!

  Big changes with business tools of Google called “Google Workspace”.    Now it’s available to use Google Workspace (Previous name was G Suite) which Google announced on 6th October 2020. This change included;             • Users can work more efficiently with new working experience. Once working with a team, users can get in touch with each other faster.              • Be unique with new branding. Which changed the name from “G Suite” to be “Google Workspace” to get easy to understand the meaning to working with a team.                       • Changed the way to work with all kinds of business.

16 Oct
New update for folder sharing on Shared drives!

Does not matter about sharing your data to internal or external, you can be sure with Google Workspace.    Several functions which business needs are available from now. With this update, you can set sharing settings for your files for internal and external, also permission setting on Shared drives more conveniently. This updated includes;    – “Commenter” permission comes back again on My Drive.  Previously they had only “Viewer” and “Editor”.          – Only “Editor” permission can move files between Shared Drives and need to have “Editor” permission of the original and target location on Shared Drive.   – “Manager” permission can share specific sub-folder with other users on Shared Drive Before this, users could not share