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14 Jan
Updated new function, convert voice to be real time text on Hangouts Meet!

The “Live Captions” function that helps to convert voice to be real time text, ready to use on Hangouts meet for iOS.   Previously, Google announced update the “Live Captions” function that help users to convert voice to be real time text on Hangouts meet for Web browser and Android at the beginning of 2019.   Finally, Google has announced update this function for iOS for more efficient communication.   Have you ever experienced a situation like this? You needed to join the video conference with your colleagues or foreign clients and you could not catch them well and that made you misunderstood.  But this kind of situation will not be happened again If you use the “Live Captions” function

24 Dec
Announcement of New Year Holidays

    Dear Our Customers Our office will be closed from 27th December to 2nd January 2020 for New Year Holidays.    Please feel free to contact us via this email info_thai@street-smart.co.th for any emergency case during the holidays.   Happy holidays! STREET SMART (Thailand) Co., Ltd.   Photo by Free pik

24 Dec
“Sharing” and “Editing” together has become a part of our company culture and easier development of new ideas!

Many organizations in Thailand has been changed to use G Suite from Google in their business but other organizations still feel not sure to change from the present system to G Suite.  With this cause, STREET SMART is willing to help you easily to imaging with our customer’s G Suite experience.   STREET SMART: Thank you Mr. Hayato Mori for the interview opportunity to STREET SMART (Thailand) today.  First, we would like to know more about YOSHU, could you please tell us a little more information?     YOSHU: Our business is about distributing mainly stainless steel, as well as other metals like Titanium and High Nickel alloy to our branches in Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam.  In our group,

20 Dec
Set your profile picture for all Google applications in one step!

You can set your profile picture for all Google applications easier in one step only.      Have you ever had this situation? Your profile picture made you confused while you were using Google applications because your profile picture on Gmail and G Suite account were different.    This problem will be solved for all G Suite editions. Google combined the profile picture on Gmail and Google account together. Therefore, when you want to update your profile picture on Gmail, you will access your Google profile directly and set your profile picture easier in one step.   How to set profile picture for users You can set a profile picture for Gmail and Google account from the steps below;  Open

06 Dec
Support your meeting with up to 250 participants on Hangouts Meet!

  More efficiency in a video conference on Hangouts Meet which you can host with up to 250 participants.   If you need to manage a large video conference for internal or with customers, wherever in the same country or abroad you can easily have a meeting smoothly.   Google had updated limits of the participants on Hangouts Meet for all G Suite editions which you can know the information as per below.   • G Suite Enterpise edition can support up to 250 participants. • G Suite Business edition can support up to 150 participants.  • G Suite Basic edition can support up to 100 participants.     Photo: G Suite Updates   How to use this function There

25 Nov
New function to make your work easier on Google Docs!

You can see words and alphabets count on Google Docs which will help your work become more easier.   If you need to work on Google Docs and want to know how many words on your document, this function will help you to work easier.   Previously, you had several steps to turn on the function called “Words count” to know how many words on your document, which always wasted your time.   Photo: G Suite Updates   From now on, your words count or alphabets count will be shown on Google Docs always which you don’t need to process the steps same as before. With the new function, you can choose an option to show as per below;    

18 Oct
Working with colleagues more efficiency with the new feature in Google Calendar!

The new feature that will help you to make a meeting easier which you can know the working hours of your colleagues in Google Calendar.   Content: Previously, if you wanted to create an activity in your Calendar, whether meeting with your colleagues or make an appointment with your customers which you cannot know their working hours at all. Moreover, this kind of situation will waste your time to check their availability or working hours.   With the new feature, you can see the working hours of your colleagues or who you want to invite to an activity in Calendar. This working hours feature including:           • Show working hours in grid view on Calendar.  In case you

07 Oct
You can see your colleagues are out of the office without open the Calendar!

You can see your colleagues are out of the office on Hangouts Chat and Gmail which you don’t need to open the Calendar.     Have you ever had this situation? You sent a chat or an email to your colleague, but he/she didn’t respond to your message. Then you checked on Calendar and realized, your colleague was out of the office or took leave at that time.   From now, these situations will be solved with the new function, which will let you know when your colleagues are out of the office on Hangouts Chat and Gmail.     Photo: G Suite Updates On Hangouts Chat window, you can see a notification when you need to send a message to

11 Sep
Now you can save time and directly react comments you are mentioned on Google Docs in Gmail with “Dynamic Email”.

  Official launched “Dynamic Email” function on the 2nd July 2019 and now you can do reaction for comments on Google Docs without leaving Gmail at all.   Before this, you needed to open files and load it to react comments which wasting your time.   G Suite Updates   With this function, you can immediately read, reply or resolve comments on Gmail. Really easy and save time! To use this useful function, need the setting from both admin and user side by following these steps.   How to set on Admin Console for admins 1. Go to Admin Console then click “Apps”     2. After that click “G Suite”     3. Then choose “Gmail”