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14 Aug
More confident and efficiency for your presentation with new function on Google Slides.

Make your presentation more efficient and smooth with new functions on present mode.   Would it be better? If you on your presentation can be more efficient.   Sometimes, you need to impress your boss or customer with your presentation which you might be excited or get stressed and forget important topics. Or your attendees have questions time to time while you are presenting and you have to answer at that time then. Moreover, you couldn’t see your notes and couldn’t manage the environment on your presentation. For examples, change your slide, start/pause the video is included. That would make your presentation not smooth. But since now, all those problems will be gone with a new function on Present mode.

11 Jul
Focus on video conference more with “Change layout” the new function on Hangouts Meet!

You can focus more on your video conference or presentation which you will not miss even one point with “Change layout” function.       New feeling on your video conference with “Change layout” function which will make you feel closer with your team like you all talk in the same room on Hangout Meet. Have you ever felt this? When you are doing video conference with many participants, sometimes you feel cannot reach all the participants. Because you can choose only one who can be the main screen. But finally, all those feelings will be gone with the new function that will make you feel closer and can reach participants more in every video conference. And also the function

28 Jun
Work anywhere with “Available Offline” function

“Available Offline” function will make you feel the convenience to work anywhere without the internet.       If you always have to be on site or most of the time to be out of the office but still need to access to your files from outside and end up with poor internet connection for many reasons. But now you can reach your files even without the internet by using the “Available Offline” function. To use this function, you can follow the steps below.   “Available Offline” function settings For using the “Available Offline” function, the admin has to allow users to enable offline access by following these steps. ➠ Access to “Admin Console” then click “Apps”      

10 Jun
Easily create an event on Calendar with the details, only one click!

More convenient and save time by adding details to the event without clicking “More Options”       Now, with only one click on Calendar, you can add details on the event as you want!   Before this, if you need to create an event with details, you need to click “More Options” for adding a description or more details. Now, you can put the details you want on the pop-up box without clicking “More Options”         You also can temporarily see your colleague schedule by putting their email address in “Meet with…” box. And once you create an event, the colleague will automatically be added as a guest and the event will automatically be named as

03 Jun
Schedule emails to be sent later

Never forget to send an important email with Schedule Send function       Have you ever need to send an email over or before your business hours? If yes, this is the perfect function for you!   Sometimes you need to send a business email during weekends or before/after working time, you need to spare time on your day off due to this cause. And there is nothing to guarantee you won’t forget to send emails.   This problem can be solved with “Schedule Send” function that allows you to set the date and time for automatically send emails. It’s a very easy and useful function which will help you to manage your time and sending email tasks more

28 May
Create “WorkSpace” for each project on Google Drive will save your time!

Manage files in your “WorkSpace” as a project on Google Drive for faster access.       New space on Google Drive called “Priority” will suggest the important files by AI and also has “WorkSpace” on it.   WorkSpace is a space you can create projects and add related files to your projects so you don’t need to find or search for the access. Which you can add necessary files into WorkSpace during the process of the project and also you can remove or hide them from WorkSpace after you finish the projects.         You can easily manage your files and projects by Priority. And you can save time from search files again and again and can

01 Apr
Automatically suggest a room for you on Google Calendar!

More convenient with automatically room suggestion on Calendar via Android and IOS devices.      Calendar automatically room suggestion feature is available on Android and IOS devices the same as on the web. The room will be suggested by AI based on locations and guests preferences.                                                                                                                   To use this feature your admin needs to Set work locations of users Set shared resources (rooms)

25 Mar
New migration tool on G Suite will help you securely migrate big data

New data migration tool on G Suite will help you to migrate the data more secure and easy!      G Suite is launching a new tool for migration, it’s called “G Suite Migrate.” The migration tool is the beta version now and if your organization would like to use it, your admins need to apply the form for use as the beta version, but for users don’t need any actions at all.                                                                                              

15 Mar
Finally! Classic Hangouts move to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet soon. What does the Admin need to do?

Classic Hangouts will move to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet soon. Due to this change, Google will stop Gmail Hold for containing Hangouts message on Vault and will separate individually as Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet Holds. The admins can easily copy the Hold rules for the same policy as before.      Google has decided to stop Hangouts message feature on Gmail Hold since 16th April 2019. And will keep the message from Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Chat in Hangouts Chat Hold and Hangouts Meet Hold on Google Vault. In Order to keep the messages, you need to check the retention and rules of holding the message on Vault.