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Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Calendar is a good tools for sharing schedule each other and easy to arrange the schedule, this guideline will help you to use Calendar more efficiently with some useful settings.
Set repeated Event
You can set repeated event on Google Calendar.

How to set

    1. Create Event and click [MORE OPTIONS] to specify additional information.

    2. Click to to show the repeat setting menu (also can insert details information)

    3. Choose the duration and day of repeat and click [Save]
Use Offline mode
Google Calendar has a offline mode as well. Even if you don’t have internet connection, you can check your schedule.

How to set

     1. Create event and click [MORE OPTIONS] to specify additional information.

     2. Choose Notification (screen pop-up) or Email (send notification to your email) and when you need to get notification (minutes / hours / days / weeks). Also specify additional information and then click [Save]