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29 May
Save time from spam email and capacity limit, G Suite makes our work faster and efficient!

Many organizations are more interested in working on cloud than before and usage of cloud tools is increasing every year.  Today STREET SMART has a chance for an interview with Studist Thailand about their experience with G Suite and how G Suite can change their work.   STREET SMART: We need to say thank you for giving us this opportunity for interview your experience with G Suite. At first, could you tell us about Studist?    Studist: Studist Thailand is a service provider of Visual Workflow Management Platform called “Teachme Biz”. Teachme Biz can create, edit and manage manuals from everywhere and anytime on Cloud. Teachme Biz has an advantage to make a manual for easier understanding with pictures and

24 Dec
“Sharing” and “Editing” together has become a part of our company culture and easier development of new ideas!

Many organizations in Thailand has been changed to use G Suite from Google in their business but other organizations still feel not sure to change from the present system to G Suite.  With this cause, STREET SMART is willing to help you easily to imaging with our customer’s G Suite experience.   STREET SMART: Thank you Mr. Hayato Mori for the interview opportunity to STREET SMART (Thailand) today.  First, we would like to know more about YOSHU, could you please tell us a little more information?     YOSHU: Our business is about distributing mainly stainless steel, as well as other metals like Titanium and High Nickel alloy to our branches in Japan, Thailand, China and Vietnam.  In our group,

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