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15 Sep
Google Improving Tool Discovery in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Save time, and easily search for any features or functions in your Docs, Sheets and Slides.     Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are widely popular among Google Workspace users. They are online documents and easy to access, share, and support real time collaboration. Many new functions and features are always updated to improve users’ experiences enhancing more productivity. Recently, Google announced the latest improvement on tool discovery that will make it simpler for users to find any features and commonly used tools.   Before the update, this search feature is under the Help menu (Help > Search the menus). However, after this latest capability, the enhanced tool discovery will be located at the top of the menu on Google

25 May
Google Adds Co-Present Slide for Smooth Presentation in Meet

  Latest feature “Co-present” improves users’ experience, you can assign colleagues to control Slides while presenting in Meet.   Google has continually developed many functions and features for presentation on Google Slide in Meet, for example viewing speaker notes while presenting. It enhances presenters’ focus with better confidence in meetings as they can see slides’ content and audience within the same place.  Recently, they enabled the latest ability for users to co-present slides in a meeting on Google Meet.    This new feature allows multiple people to present together in Meet. The primary presenter can allocate a participant to be the co-presenter, who can present the slides alongside with the primary presenter. The assigned user can see the audience, presentation,

23 Feb
Google Meet Allows Presenters to See Speaker Notes While Presenting Slides

  No more confusion on switching screens, presenters can now view a presentation with speaker notes in Google Meet.   Speaker notes are important tools for any presenters, they will help remember important issues, such as key messages, statistics, or referred example cases. They act like a memory aid to remind presenters what to talk about on each of the slides, and what are the next topics of their presentation.   Formerly, when users present slides from their Google Meet, they have to switch screens between notes and slides. It might be inconvenient and sometimes causes misunderstanding as they are unsure which one is the presenting screen to the audience. Or even it might cause them to lose concentration while

27 Oct
Start to join Google Meet from Google Docs, Sheets or Slides

A quick video call from Meet via your documents is available now.   Google Meet is one of the most powerful communication tools nowadays. It has continually developed advanced new features including picture-in-picture effect, multi-pinning, polling, Q&A and also tools integration. No matter working at different times or locations, users can stay in touch with each other seamlessly.   If you are the one using Google Meet almost everyday. Whenever you review documents, and find out some points or topics to discuss with the team, have you ever wanted to start a quick video call from Meet on your documents right away? Would it be better if it doesn’t have to switch to Google Meet new tab, and shift back