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Google Drive

Google Drive

Drive is a large capacity of file server, also can create online Google Docs and share with real time editing, this guideline will help you to use Drive more efficiently with some useful settings.
Use Filter on Google Spreadsheet
On Google Spreadsheet, you can use Filter function.

How to set

      1. Set the Filter
Access to the Spreadsheet and [Data] > [Filter].

      2. Choose the items to sort
Once you click the [Filter] button, you can choose which one you want to sort.

Now you can see only that item which you choose.

Create pulldown list
On Google Spreadsheet, you can create pulldown list.

How to set

     1. Access to the settings
Select the cell or range, on that cell right click and choose “Data validation”

     2. Set the conditions
From [Criteria], choose [List of items]. *You also can choose [List from a range].

     3. Insert Criteria with comma, click [Save].

When you set the Criteria, you can choose [Reject input]. Users can’t insert data which is not mentioned on the list.
Convert Google Document to Microsoft Office File
Convert Google Documents to Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

How to set

      1. Open the Google file and click [File] > [Download as], you can choose the one you want to convert.

Google Document: Microsoft Word / PDF etc..

Google Spreadsheet: Microsoft Excel / CSV / PDF etc…

Google Slide: Microsoft Powerpoint / PDF / PNG etc…