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Gmail has a large capacity of web mail with high spec searching function, this guideline will help you to use Gmail more efficiently with some useful settings.
Using Mailer
To check emails, you can use mailer such as Outlook or Thunderbird even if your company using G Suite. Using IMAP, you can check you emails from mailer. Your settings and operations on the mailer will be sync with Gmail.

How to set

      1. Set IMAP enable on Gmail
Open your Gmail, go to [setting] on the top right of the screen > [settings] > [Forwarding and POP/IMAP] and click [enable IMAP]. Please don’t forget to click [Save Changes] below of the page.

      2. Set IMAP on your mailer
Set IMAP on your mailer as well. For the details setting step, please refer this Google official support page “Read Gmail messages on other email clients using IMAP”.
Turn On&Off Conversation view
Using the function “Conversation view”, you can see the emails which is same title as summarised.

How to set

      1. Open your Gmail, click [setting] from top right of the screen > [settings] > [General].

      2. Turn on/off [Conversation View]. Please don’t forget to click [Save Changes] below of the page. 

Set Filters
Setting Filters and sort emails automatically.

How to set

      1. Create Filters
Open your Gmail and click [pull button] on the right side of searching window. Insert several conditions which emails you want to sort it. Once finished, click [Create filter with this search].

      2. Sort emails
Set how you want to sort your emails such as
      – Skip Inbox
      – Starred
      – Labeled etc…

How to set the Labels, please refer this page “Organize your Gmail inbox using labels
Set Labels

Tips 1

You can see all of the labels which Google set as default from settings. If you don’t need it, you can hide it.  Let make your screen simple and clean.

Tips 2

Once you create Labels, you can make some layers. Just click [Nest label under:] and choose the label.