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Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet

Hangouts is not only you can chat but also can use Meet as a Video conference, this guideline will help you to use Meet more efficiently with some useful settings.
Start video conference from calendar


Using the Meet function, you can start a video conference easily.

How to set

      1. Create an event on Google Calendar

Access to Google Calendar and drag the duration when you want to hold the video conference.  Then fill the event title and click [MORE OPTIONS] to add other necessary information.

      2. Add the meeting and invite who you want them to attend the video conference

Click [Add conferencing] and select [Hangouts Meet]

Add the guests who you want to invite to this conference and save this event.

Also you can send invitations for the guests.

      3. Start the video conference

Once the time comes, just click [Join Hangouts Meet] and start the conference.

Invite guest for the video conference


Even after you start the conference, you can invite others to join the conference.

How to set

      1. Get the joining information

Click the conference name on the left button of your display.

      2. Copy the conference URL

Click the [Copy joining info].

      3. Send the URL to the guests

Share the URL link to the person who you want to invite to the conference by email or chat.