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Google Drive

What is Google Drive? Let’s learn about the concept.

Google Sheets

You can create spreadsheets with Google Sheet.

Editing Sheets Simultaneously

Simultaneous editing is one of the unique function of Google Drive.

Sheet Operations

Introduce about operations of Google Sheet.

Hiding and Protecting Sheets

How to hide and protect sheets and specific areas.

Editing Data

Let’s try to edit the data in Sheets.

Other Cell Functions

Know more about cell functions.

Resizing Row Height and Column Width

How to adjust row hight and column width.

Freezing rows and columns

How to freeze rows and columns.

Other Row / Column Functions

Know more about row / column functions.

Creating formulas and Using functions

Learn about how to create formulas and using it.

Named Ranges

What is Names Ranges and how to use.

Inserting a Chart / Graph

How to inser Charts / Graph.

Autofilling of Numbers and Sorting Data

How to fill numbers automatically and sort data.

Conditional Formatting

What is Conditional Formatting and how to use.

Data Validation

what is Data Validation and how to use.

Paste Special

You can paste only value, format etc. with Paste Special.

Version History in Sheets

How to check Version History and restore it.

Inserting a Comment to a Specific User

How to add a comment and mention specific users.

Sharing with Specific Users

How to share files with specific users.

Sharing Setting by Link

How to share files by Link

Optional Permission Settings on Other Users

Introduce optional permission setteings on other users.

Changing File Owner

How to change file owner.