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11 Jan
Time for new Google Contacts

G Suite will move all contacts to new Google Contacts and shut down the present Google Contact on 12th Feb 2019.      If you are presently using Google Contacts, here is an update for you! G Suite will move all the contacts in present Google Contacts to the new one (known as “Contacts preview”) and then will shut down the present Google Contacts which all of these are going to take place within February 2019. Here are processes which will be taken place before the new Google Contacts will be in use, importantly only admins have to inform their users about new Google Contacts.         On 28th November 2018, admin can choose to enable New Contacts

02 Nov
Automatic caption on Google Slides presentation

Google Slides can show real-time caption from the speaker’s voice.      It’s good news that Google Slides has a new feature to help your presentation is more convenient for speakers and audiences. With this new feature will automatically create captions while speakers are speaking and show them below the slides.         The feature will use the microphone from the computer that is presenting Google Slides and will catch only voice from the speaker then automatically create and show descriptions below the slides. Which this feature will help your audiences catching contents better than ever. And this feature is now available on every plan of G Suite for end users.         You can check the

04 Jun
Move From Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet

Google will move all G Suite customers from Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet automatically on 21st May 2018.      Google has announced they will move all G Suite customers from Classic Hangouts to Hangouts Meet automatically on 21st May 2018. Due to this announcement, we would like to give you more information about Hangouts Meet features and the differences between Classic Hangouts and Hangouts Meet.         For those meetings in events we’ve duplicated on Google Calendar for a long time ago, they will stay on Classic Hangouts. Only new events we create will switch to Hangouts Meet automatically, you don’t need to set anything by yourselves.   After 21st May 2018, Classic Hangouts is still available

16 May
Google Drive UI Updates

Google has updated Google Drive UI and will launch to all users to use in 2 weeks.        On the 9th May 2018, Google has announced about new Google Drive UI will be updated in 2 weeks for users to feel similar to other G Suite products and to make the efficient experience as well. Which only some icons and buttons will be moved but the functions will stay the same. Therefore you don’t have to worry about getting confused on this new UI at all.   This update will impact all Drive users and there are no any actions required of you, it will update automatically within 2 weeks.   You can find the new Drive UI

27 Feb
Drive Files Stream VS Backup & Sync

Google has announced that they will shut down “Drive for Mac/PC” on 12th May 2018, see the best solution that suits your work.   Photo: Tech Offside   Google has announced that they will shut down “Drive for Mac/PC” on 12th Mar 2018 in the last year. But in response to user’s feedback, they delay the shutdown date to 12th May 2018. Due to this announcement STREET SMART (Thailand) Co., Ltd. would like to suggest another 2 ways to access your files on Drive directly from your computer and also you can choose the best way that suits your work.   Drive Files Stream Feature: You can access files on Drive without downloading files into your device and access those files