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26 Dec
Using Timeline View in Google Sheet for Your Effective Project Management

  Foster teams’ collaboration and well monitor the entire project by Timeline View on spreadsheet.   Google extends the power of Smart Canvas; collaboration tools allowing people to stay connected, promote teams’ cooperation. Along with the Smart Canvas, the company constantly innovates collaboration experience, and always tries to collapse the boundary between people and applications.   This year, Google has some developments on new functions and features in spreadsheets, for instance smart chips, joining the meeting directly from Sheet, or getting notification when someone is editing your spreadsheet. Now it enables “Timeline View” which is suitable for tasks, project management and any future plans among teams.   Source: Google Workspace Update The timeline view in Google Sheet enhances people to

08 Jun
Google Docs Provides Updated Table Functions for Efficient Project Management

You can manage your projects easier with new functions; table templates and dropdown chips in Google Docs.   When you have to deal with many projects, how do you manage and track progress? Have you ever experienced any difficulties such as tracking projects’ status, miscommunication among team leading to fail collaboration or confusion on the assigned owner? …If you have ever faced these problems, and want to improve efficient project management, why don’t you try Google Docs’ new functions; dropdown chips and table templates?   Firstly, dropdown chips, you can indicate the status on document by using dropdown chips, there are two default dropdown options which include: – Project Status, that includes selections for “Not Started”, “Blocked”, “In Progress” and “Complete”