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10 Nov
New Upcoming Threads Improvement in Google Chat

  Experience better communication among teams with upgraded in-line threading in Google Chat.   Google Chat enables teams to work in real-time by providing dedicated spaces for conversations and content. It recently launched and brought in many key features to improve user experience such as declutter conversation, smart compose, see read receipt in group Chat and add hyperlinks to text. During the remainder of the year and into 2024, Google Chat plans to launch several more new features relating to in-line-threads including; “resizable threads panel”, “home shortcut”, and “thread participants”.   So we would like to introduce a quick preview on the upcoming threads improvements. The first feature, “resizable threads panel”, users will be able to conveniently resize the threads

27 Oct
Latest Update of Transition for Chat Spaces Organized by Topic to In-Line Threaded

  The next step of conversation’s flow in Google Chat, all existing spaces organized by conversation topic will be upgraded to in-line threaded.   In October 2022, Google Chat Space announced an “in-line threaded” feature to maximize user’s experience by organizing separate conversations to improve users’ interaction. It was an optional feature apart from “conversation topics” that users could choose which one was their favorites most. Until March 2023, Google updated all newly created Chat Space to be in-line threaded by default. Currently, they are preparing for the next stage; existing Space organized by conversation topic will be migrated to in-line threads conversation soon.   Google will start upgrading conversations grouped by topic to in-line threaded from the end of

11 Oct
Integration between Google Groups and Chat Spaces

  Add and remove a large group of members in your spaces conveniently.   Spaces in Google Chat helps you communicate with a group of people or an organization about a topic, task, or shared interest. It provides an effective way to collaborate on projects, brainstorm ideas, share files, assign tasks or stay connected with your team members.    Early 2023, Google enabled New Abilities for Chat Space’s Managers, it can customize selection of many features from “Space Settings” including: member management, space configuration, conversation moderation,  and create announcement. Now Google introduces the new ability for space managers or users with the permission to manage members to add Google Groups to a Space.   Source: Google Workspace Update   Space

11 Aug
Simplify Communication in Google Chat by New Update Features

  Latest improvements from Google Chat maximize users’ communication experience.   Google Chat, a secured communication tool, allows users to respond to direct chat or group conversations with whom they work with. It provides smooth connection among teams to keep healthy communication. Users can collaborate on projects with their teams or groups, share files, assign tasks, or even create announcements for internal PR.   Lately, Google Chat developed and brought in many key features to improve user experience including declutter conversation, smart compose, see read receipt in group Chat and add hyperlinks to text.   The first feature, declutter conversation will be helpful for users when they want to find their most relevant Chat easily. It will automatically hide some

18 May
New Abilities for Space Manager Promoting Effective Communication in Chat Space

  Strengthen organizational communication with new Space manager’s capabilities available in Chat Space.   Google Chat is a great tool for collaboration and communication among teams. It provides an effective way to collaborate on projects, brainstorm ideas, share files, assign tasks or stay connected with your team members. Early 2023, Google enabled new abilities for Chat Space’s managers, now they can customize selection on new features from “Space Settings” which include:   – Member Management: With this new feature, Space managers are able to control whether members can add or remove other members or groups from Space or not. – Space Configuration: Space managers can determine whether members can modify Space details, such as name, icon, description, and guidelines. They

11 Apr
Latest Update “In-Line Threads” to All New Created Chat Spaces

  Stay connected more easily with the latest layout; in-line threads conversation for the new Spaces created in Google Chat.   Google Chat Space is the central place to communicate with a group of people or an organization about a topic, project, or shared interest. You can create a Space to discuss, share files, assign tasks, and stay connected within the same location. However, if you become a member of several Chat Spaces, it will be difficult to define which messages you should respond to. Especially, when there are plenty of chat conversations, causing you to fail to notice important topics.   Google realizes the situation. In October 2022, they announced an “in-line threads” feature in Chat Space to maximize

27 Jan
Never Miss! Top 17 Updates of Google Workspace in 2022

  Google innovates various capabilities for improving people’s work performance. In 2022, Google has developed and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on each application: how their innovations ease people’s work and foster team connection.   Gmail  1.  Using Gmail’s New Marketing Tools to Create Announcements or Newsletters. 2.  New Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat   Google Chat  3.  New Update for Manager Role in Chat Spaces 4.  Sharable Space in Google Chat 5.  In-Line Threading on Google Chat Spaces Can Separate Your Conversation.   Google Meet  6.  New Updated Features for Google Meet 7. 

12 Jan
Summary in Chat Space Enhances Users Catch up Quickly on Conversation

  Google enabling new function conversation summary in Chat Space, helps people to avoid information overload   Google has been constantly researching AI-powered innovations to help people work more productively and impactful. In the past few years, the company has been creating machine learning tools in Google Workspace for example scheduling meetings, search & suggestion in Chat and Gmail, automated summary in Google Docs which is able to generate an overview of text within a document. Currently, this function is extended and available to Chat Space providing users a helpful digest of conversations.   Nowadays, when we have to deal with multi-tasks, and get across too many groups of Chat or Space. Sometimes, it might be difficult to check and

15 Dec
Enhance Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat on Web and Mobile

  Improve your search experience by the latest features in Google Chat and Gmail.   Google is a considerable expertise on search engines. It has been well-known and impactful for many users across the world and holds 92% of the worldwide search engine market share*. The company has constantly broadened the search experience for applications and services. Recently, there are many new search-related additions added to Gmail and Chat on web and mobile; including search suggestions, Gmail labels, and related results.   *Source: Search Engine Market Share Worldwide(Nov 2021 – Nov 2022) | StatCounter   Google Chat users on mobile start seeing “search suggestions” in the search bar when they type the query in the search box. The suggestion will