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10 May
Get Quick Feedback from Team by Smart Chips Voting

  You can have consensus from team members faster and enjoy cute emoji voting chips in Google Docs.   Do you seek a way of asking others to review your Doc and want their opinion on any matter? Are you looking for fast consensus on some topic you have shared? …The feature “Voting chip” in Google Docs might be your correct answer! It allows you to gather prompt feedback from your colleagues. You can know and review the rapid vote’s result without sending a form and get a survey collection.     To start using, click “Insert” on the navigation bar, then select “Smart chips; Voting chip”. Basically, you can choose emoji by referring to the default voting options such

27 Mar
Easier Way to Interact with Comment in Google Documents

  Google improves comment’s layout display in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides with better practice than before.   Comment is one of the features that allows the team to collaborate in Google Documents. When users are working on Google documents, they can create and reply to comments. Once they want to ask more questions, they can make notes or leave comments directly on the document. It can act as a conversation thread, the team can reply to specific comments and carry on conversations. This is a beneficial and powerful feature for team collaboration. Google realizes this point, so they continue to upgrade to offer a better interaction.   *Google has several upgrades on comments, users can manage them easier and faster.

29 Feb
Enrich Seamless Collaboration through Google Document

  Google Docs drives collaboration among team members, you can communicate, discuss more ideas and edit files together via Google Document.   If you are a person who runs projects with a team from different locations or time zones, and your time is almost occupied by busy communication flow from Gmail or Chat. It might bring about information overload leading to miscommunication and frustration. Would it be better if you find a solution tool, the document driven method, where your team members can discuss, and collaborate within one place?   We would recommend Google Docs, the usual famous online document where your team can build, share ideas and make decisions together. As mentioned, you can experience the concept of document

12 Jan
Most Useful Collaborative Functions from Google Workspace in 2023

  Google develops various capabilities for improving people’s work performance.   In 2023, Google initiated and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on Google Workspace for each application: how their innovations promote people’s work performance and foster team connection.   Gmail 1. Schedule Meeting Time Easier and Faster from Your Gmail 2. Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet   Google Drive 3. Improve the Security for Spam Protection in Google Drive 4. Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive   Google Docs 5. Improve Your Work Efficiency with New Features from Smart

22 Nov
Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive

  New update on the activity feed in Google Drive shows the latest activities in one place.   If you are busy all day spending time managing many projects, attending various meetings with teams and customers, it will be difficult to stay on top of any updates on documents edited among your teams. Would it be better if you can find reminders and stay on top of the updates and  follow up current activities on your documents?   Now Google Drive launches the new “Activity feed”. Users are able to catch up on movements on their related document files for example, from all pending access requests, recent comments, or approvals for files. This latest feature can be accessible from the

15 Sep
Google Improving Tool Discovery in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Save time, and easily search for any features or functions in your Docs, Sheets and Slides.     Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are widely popular among Google Workspace users. They are online documents and easy to access, share, and support real time collaboration. Many new functions and features are always updated to improve users’ experiences enhancing more productivity. Recently, Google announced the latest improvement on tool discovery that will make it simpler for users to find any features and commonly used tools.   Before the update, this search feature is under the Help menu (Help > Search the menus). However, after this latest capability, the enhanced tool discovery will be located at the top of the menu on Google

26 Jul
Improve Table Management Experience in Google Docs

  You can enjoy more flexible ways to handle tables in your Google Docs.   Google Docs provides seamless collaboration. Many people are able to create the online documents, edit files together in real-time and easily share across devices. It is one of the most favorite applications, and widely used among Google Workspace users. Moreover, it can also insert tables to documents to organize data that is too detailed or complicated to be described adequately in the text allowing users to quickly see the results without difficulty.   However, have you ever been frustrated by arranging tables in documents? Especially, when you want to move tables surrounded by your text causing overlap among the messages. It might take a long

22 Mar
Improve Your Work Efficiency with New Features from Smart Canvas

  Updated smart canvas features on Google Docs and Sheets boost your work productivity.   Google has launched smart canvas since May 2021, a collection of collaborative tools making your work experience more flexible and helpful. It provides the effectiveness of teams’ communication and collaboration, increasing more creativity and work performance.   Along with smart canvas, smart chips would be one of most useful features, and gain good feedback from many users. The interactive hyperlinks chips enhance team’s collaboration. It can show more related information, and connect you to other users, files, or calendar events etc… Recently, Google just enabled the latest features to smart chips for Google Sheets and Docs, including, “place chips”, “finance chips”, “@date capability” for Sheets,

27 Jan
Never Miss! Top 17 Updates of Google Workspace in 2022

  Google innovates various capabilities for improving people’s work performance. In 2022, Google has developed and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on each application: how their innovations ease people’s work and foster team connection.   Gmail  1.  Using Gmail’s New Marketing Tools to Create Announcements or Newsletters. 2.  New Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat   Google Chat  3.  New Update for Manager Role in Chat Spaces 4.  Sharable Space in Google Chat 5.  In-Line Threading on Google Chat Spaces Can Separate Your Conversation.   Google Meet  6.  New Updated Features for Google Meet 7.