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24 Apr
Easier Manage Your Workflows by Using Dropdown Lists in Sheet

  Dropdown lists with data validation in Google Sheet simplifies your routine task operation, increasing data accuracy.   Are you finding productive ways to develop your workflows in Google Sheets via creating and editing lists? …Do you want to improve the formatting and cleaning up data within Google Sheets? If so, we would introduce the feature “Dropdown lists with data validation rules”.   This feature assists you to limit the values that can be inserted into a cell in a worksheet. It improves data precision, reduces errors, and your working hours. You can describe one or more data validation rules for your spreadsheet. It can be done by separating data validation rules for each column in your Sheet where you

12 Jan
Most Useful Collaborative Functions from Google Workspace in 2023

  Google develops various capabilities for improving people’s work performance.   In 2023, Google initiated and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on Google Workspace for each application: how their innovations promote people’s work performance and foster team connection.   Gmail 1. Schedule Meeting Time Easier and Faster from Your Gmail 2. Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet   Google Drive 3. Improve the Security for Spam Protection in Google Drive 4. Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive   Google Docs 5. Improve Your Work Efficiency with New Features from Smart

29 Sep
Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet

  Users can now create mail merge on Gmail and personalize email from Google Sheet integration automatically   Are you looking for ways to send personalized email communications such as campaigns, newsletters and announcements with custom fields inserted into mail merge messages to a large audience? Instead of manually adding the recipients in Gmail, would you like to directly link Google Sheets to your mail and it refers to the recipients directly from the spreadsheet? If so, Google just launched the latest update; Google Sheets can support mail merge in Gmail now.     Source: Google Workspace Update   Last year, Google announced the features beneficial to sending personalized individual emails to many recipients with “multi-send for Gmail”, and “the

15 Sep
Google Improving Tool Discovery in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Save time, and easily search for any features or functions in your Docs, Sheets and Slides.     Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are widely popular among Google Workspace users. They are online documents and easy to access, share, and support real time collaboration. Many new functions and features are always updated to improve users’ experiences enhancing more productivity. Recently, Google announced the latest improvement on tool discovery that will make it simpler for users to find any features and commonly used tools.   Before the update, this search feature is under the Help menu (Help > Search the menus). However, after this latest capability, the enhanced tool discovery will be located at the top of the menu on Google

14 Jul
Enjoy Richer Experience from New Smart Chips in Google Sheet

  Track and organize your data easily via latest smart chips updated in Sheet   Last year, Google enabled smart chips in Sheet. The hyperlinked chips quickly access additional data across Google Workspace applications, promoting effective collaboration tools. It can integrate and gather all information, then turn any spreadsheet into a center for action, with all specific people, places, events, and data within the same place. Currently, the availability of smart chips in Sheet consist of  “place chips”, “file chips”, “calendar event chips”, “place chips” and “finance chips”.   Lately, Google just upgraded more features on smart chips in Sheet making the tool more useful than before. The additional updates include “YouTube chips” and “smart chip data extraction”. Now, users can

22 Mar
Improve Your Work Efficiency with New Features from Smart Canvas

  Updated smart canvas features on Google Docs and Sheets boost your work productivity.   Google has launched smart canvas since May 2021, a collection of collaborative tools making your work experience more flexible and helpful. It provides the effectiveness of teams’ communication and collaboration, increasing more creativity and work performance.   Along with smart canvas, smart chips would be one of most useful features, and gain good feedback from many users. The interactive hyperlinks chips enhance team’s collaboration. It can show more related information, and connect you to other users, files, or calendar events etc… Recently, Google just enabled the latest features to smart chips for Google Sheets and Docs, including, “place chips”, “finance chips”, “@date capability” for Sheets,

27 Jan
Never Miss! Top 17 Updates of Google Workspace in 2022

  Google innovates various capabilities for improving people’s work performance. In 2022, Google has developed and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on each application: how their innovations ease people’s work and foster team connection.   Gmail  1.  Using Gmail’s New Marketing Tools to Create Announcements or Newsletters. 2.  New Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat   Google Chat  3.  New Update for Manager Role in Chat Spaces 4.  Sharable Space in Google Chat 5.  In-Line Threading on Google Chat Spaces Can Separate Your Conversation.   Google Meet  6.  New Updated Features for Google Meet 7. 

26 Dec
Using Timeline View in Google Sheet for Your Effective Project Management

  Foster teams’ collaboration and well monitor the entire project by Timeline View on spreadsheet.   Google extends the power of Smart Canvas; collaboration tools allowing people to stay connected, promote teams’ cooperation. Along with the Smart Canvas, the company constantly innovates collaboration experience, and always tries to collapse the boundary between people and applications.   This year, Google has some developments on new functions and features in spreadsheets, for instance smart chips, joining the meeting directly from Sheet, or getting notification when someone is editing your spreadsheet. Now it enables “Timeline View” which is suitable for tasks, project management and any future plans among teams.   Source: Google Workspace Update The timeline view in Google Sheet enhances people to

09 Nov
Smart Chips in Google Sheets is Available Now!

  You can use smart chips to insert files, people or calendar events in Google Sheets.   Last year, Google just launched Smart Canvas, a collection of collaborative tools bringing the contents and team connections for better experience to new trend working style. It enhances the effectiveness of teams’ communication and collaboration experience leading to more creativity and productivity.   Until now, many functions and features have been created to link between people and applications along with Smart Canvas. We believe that Google Workspace users know and get familiar with smart chips; one of the most useful collaborative tools in the form of the interactive hyperlinks chips available on Google Docs maximizing teams’ collaboration. It starts as the simple way