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29 Sep
Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet

  Users can now create mail merge on Gmail and personalize email from Google Sheet integration automatically   Are you looking for ways to send personalized email communications such as campaigns, newsletters and announcements with custom fields inserted into mail merge messages to a large audience? Instead of manually adding the recipients in Gmail, would you like to directly link Google Sheets to your mail and it refers to the recipients directly from the spreadsheet? If so, Google just launched the latest update; Google Sheets can support mail merge in Gmail now.     Source: Google Workspace Update   Last year, Google announced the features beneficial to sending personalized individual emails to many recipients with “multi-send for Gmail”, and “the

25 Aug
Schedule Meeting Time Easier and Faster from Your Gmail

  Time slot selection in Gmail integrated with Calendar enhances you to propose meeting time conveniently.   Whenever you want to schedule meeting time with the other, especially during hybrid work mode, have you ever counted how many times sending emails meeting invitations back- and-forth until the process is completed? Are you looking for a way to find common available time with customers, partners or people in organizations whose Google Calendars are invisible? If so, why won’t you try the latest update; “Time slot selection in Gmail”?   This latest update includes 2 main features: “offer times when you’re free”, and “create an event” from Calendar into your Gmail. The first one, “offer times when you’re free”: you can select

27 Jan
Never Miss! Top 17 Updates of Google Workspace in 2022

  Google innovates various capabilities for improving people’s work performance. In 2022, Google has developed and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on each application: how their innovations ease people’s work and foster team connection.   Gmail  1.  Using Gmail’s New Marketing Tools to Create Announcements or Newsletters. 2.  New Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat   Google Chat  3.  New Update for Manager Role in Chat Spaces 4.  Sharable Space in Google Chat 5.  In-Line Threading on Google Chat Spaces Can Separate Your Conversation.   Google Meet  6.  New Updated Features for Google Meet 7. 

15 Dec
Enhance Search Capabilities in Gmail and Google Chat on Web and Mobile

  Improve your search experience by the latest features in Google Chat and Gmail.   Google is a considerable expertise on search engines. It has been well-known and impactful for many users across the world and holds 92% of the worldwide search engine market share*. The company has constantly broadened the search experience for applications and services. Recently, there are many new search-related additions added to Gmail and Chat on web and mobile; including search suggestions, Gmail labels, and related results.   *Source: Search Engine Market Share Worldwide(Nov 2021 – Nov 2022) | StatCounter   Google Chat users on mobile start seeing “search suggestions” in the search bar when they type the query in the search box. The suggestion will

29 Sep
Simply Create Announcements or Newsletters from Gmail’s New Marketing Tools

You can send professional newsletters to many recipients with the latest integrated marketing tools on Gmail.   Early this year, Google launched new integration for Gmail features including email, Google Meet, Google Chat, and Spaces in one place. Users could enjoy new experiences to stay on top of important things within one location.   So far, Gmail has been continually developing more features to improve users’ experience. Recently, Google updates new integrated marketing tools on Gmail. It is known that email marketing is one of the main tools for online advertising. Now users can easily create any campaign announcements or newsletters from predefined templates, and multi-send features with professional look and send to many recipients.     The above picture

31 Aug
Stay on Top of Revisions Made with Edit Notifications on Google Docs

Google Docs updates edit notifications informing users any additions or removals on document content.   According to new flexible working styles, many people can choose their preferred work modes such as remote work or hybrid work model. Several employees are capable of getting work done from different times or locations. Google is fully aware of the trend, and continues to develop collaboration tools providing practical useful functions to make the work process easier among teams.   Recently, Google Docs just launched a new feature which is Edit Notifications. Sometimes, when team collaborates on the same documents, in case someone adds or removes text content, it’s quite difficult for users to stay on top of any changes made on documents. Would