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24 Apr
Easier Manage Your Workflows by Using Dropdown Lists in Sheet

  Dropdown lists with data validation in Google Sheet simplifies your routine task operation, increasing data accuracy.   Are you finding productive ways to develop your workflows in Google Sheets via creating and editing lists? …Do you want to improve the formatting and cleaning up data within Google Sheets? If so, we would introduce the feature “Dropdown lists with data validation rules”.   This feature assists you to limit the values that can be inserted into a cell in a worksheet. It improves data precision, reduces errors, and your working hours. You can describe one or more data validation rules for your spreadsheet. It can be done by separating data validation rules for each column in your Sheet where you

10 Apr
Create and Customize Professional Marketing Email through New Layout Editor Tool

  Google upgrades additional features for email campaigns, users can create customized templates, insert in Gmail, save and share layouts with the team just a few clicks.   From 2022 to 2023, Google has developed and launched new integrated Email marketing tools to simply create announcements or newsletters from Gmail’s marketing Tools. It enabled users to easily send professional-looking emails and personalize multi-send emails with mail merge tags to large audiences. Users are able to customize an existing template, reuse a custom layout in multiple email campaigns which are quite flexible and convenient.   Currently, they upgrade additional options on these templates with essential elements, for example color schemes, images, logos and footer text. Users can fully customize these templates.

27 Mar
Easier Way to Interact with Comment in Google Documents

  Google improves comment’s layout display in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides with better practice than before.   Comment is one of the features that allows the team to collaborate in Google Documents. When users are working on Google documents, they can create and reply to comments. Once they want to ask more questions, they can make notes or leave comments directly on the document. It can act as a conversation thread, the team can reply to specific comments and carry on conversations. This is a beneficial and powerful feature for team collaboration. Google realizes this point, so they continue to upgrade to offer a better interaction.   *Google has several upgrades on comments, users can manage them easier and faster.

15 Mar
Easily Manage Your Schedule Appointment in Google Calendar

  Google Calendar develops new features elevating your appointment scheduling experience.   On your busy working day, when you have to book a lot of meetings or consultation, have you ever been tired of arranging available time for your colleagues and managing scheduled appointments? Would you like to make your life easier by scheduling appointments with Google Calendar? If so, Google Calendar launches the latest features to elevate your experience now!   Recently, Google Calendar improves and introduces some new appointment scheduling features aiming to enrich the appointment scheduling experience for users. These features include: “Add up to 20 co-hosts to appointment schedule”, “Create appointment on secondary calendar”, “Expand delegate access” and “Check calendars for availability”.   Firstly, “Add up

12 Jan
Most Useful Collaborative Functions from Google Workspace in 2023

  Google develops various capabilities for improving people’s work performance.   In 2023, Google initiated and launched several functions and features to improve work capabilities, communication and collaboration among teams. So we would like to review and share with you again the most helpful tips on Google Workspace for each application: how their innovations promote people’s work performance and foster team connection.   Gmail 1. Schedule Meeting Time Easier and Faster from Your Gmail 2. Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet   Google Drive 3. Improve the Security for Spam Protection in Google Drive 4. Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive   Google Docs 5. Improve Your Work Efficiency with New Features from Smart

25 Dec
Find What You Need Faster in Google Chat

  New features from Google Chat optimize your experience, you can prioritize and find important conversations easily.   In 2023, Google has many new improvements in Google Chat to simplify users’ communication such as declutter conversation, smart compose, read receipt in group Chat or add hyperlinks to text. Now, they are launching more availability of three features concentrating on a new integrated experience.   First, Google redesigns the left-side navigation panel by introducing a “Shortcuts” to get quick access to “Home” and “Mentions” buttons. They are able to lead users to their pending chat, conversations that need to respond or even the messages which someone directly mentioned to them. It can help them to stay on top of the buzzing

08 Dec
Be More Confident When Join Google Meet from Mobile Devices

  The latest improvements of Google Meet on mobile devices enhance better experience.   Nowadays, working from anywhere is trending for many people. They can keep in touch and collaborate with a team even if they are in different times, places or devices. They are able to utilize mobile devices to communicate with the team by sending emails, chats or joining meetings. According to this working style, users sometimes might have urgent meetings by video call, and they are uncomfortable to show themselves on camera leading to lack self confidence. Google is aware of this pain point and provides a new solution; improving appearance with “Portrait touch-up”, giving them better virtual looks.     Source: Google Workspace Update   For

22 Nov
Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive

  New update on the activity feed in Google Drive shows the latest activities in one place.   If you are busy all day spending time managing many projects, attending various meetings with teams and customers, it will be difficult to stay on top of any updates on documents edited among your teams. Would it be better if you can find reminders and stay on top of the updates and  follow up current activities on your documents?   Now Google Drive launches the new “Activity feed”. Users are able to catch up on movements on their related document files for example, from all pending access requests, recent comments, or approvals for files. This latest feature can be accessible from the

10 Nov
New Upcoming Threads Improvement in Google Chat

  Experience better communication among teams with upgraded in-line threading in Google Chat.   Google Chat enables teams to work in real-time by providing dedicated spaces for conversations and content. It recently launched and brought in many key features to improve user experience such as declutter conversation, smart compose, see read receipt in group Chat and add hyperlinks to text. During the remainder of the year and into 2024, Google Chat plans to launch several more new features relating to in-line-threads including; “resizable threads panel”, “home shortcut”, and “thread participants”.   So we would like to introduce a quick preview on the upcoming threads improvements. The first feature, “resizable threads panel”, users will be able to conveniently resize the threads