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22 Nov
Catch up Faster on Recent Activities in Your Google Drive

  New update on the activity feed in Google Drive shows the latest activities in one place.   If you are busy all day spending time managing many projects, attending various meetings with teams and customers, it will be difficult to stay on top of any updates on documents edited among your teams. Would it be better if you can find reminders and stay on top of the updates and  follow up current activities on your documents?   Now Google Drive launches the new “Activity feed”. Users are able to catch up on movements on their related document files for example, from all pending access requests, recent comments, or approvals for files. This latest feature can be accessible from the

10 Nov
New Upcoming Threads Improvement in Google Chat

  Experience better communication among teams with upgraded in-line threading in Google Chat.   Google Chat enables teams to work in real-time by providing dedicated spaces for conversations and content. It recently launched and brought in many key features to improve user experience such as declutter conversation, smart compose, see read receipt in group Chat and add hyperlinks to text. During the remainder of the year and into 2024, Google Chat plans to launch several more new features relating to in-line-threads including; “resizable threads panel”, “home shortcut”, and “thread participants”.   So we would like to introduce a quick preview on the upcoming threads improvements. The first feature, “resizable threads panel”, users will be able to conveniently resize the threads

27 Oct
Latest Update of Transition for Chat Spaces Organized by Topic to In-Line Threaded

  The next step of conversation’s flow in Google Chat, all existing spaces organized by conversation topic will be upgraded to in-line threaded.   In October 2022, Google Chat Space announced an “in-line threaded” feature to maximize user’s experience by organizing separate conversations to improve users’ interaction. It was an optional feature apart from “conversation topics” that users could choose which one was their favorites most. Until March 2023, Google updated all newly created Chat Space to be in-line threaded by default. Currently, they are preparing for the next stage; existing Space organized by conversation topic will be migrated to in-line threads conversation soon.   Google will start upgrading conversations grouped by topic to in-line threaded from the end of

11 Oct
Integration between Google Groups and Chat Spaces

  Add and remove a large group of members in your spaces conveniently.   Spaces in Google Chat helps you communicate with a group of people or an organization about a topic, task, or shared interest. It provides an effective way to collaborate on projects, brainstorm ideas, share files, assign tasks or stay connected with your team members.    Early 2023, Google enabled New Abilities for Chat Space’s Managers, it can customize selection of many features from “Space Settings” including: member management, space configuration, conversation moderation,  and create announcement. Now Google introduces the new ability for space managers or users with the permission to manage members to add Google Groups to a Space.   Source: Google Workspace Update   Space

29 Sep
Mail Merge in Gmail Integrates with Google Sheet

  Users can now create mail merge on Gmail and personalize email from Google Sheet integration automatically   Are you looking for ways to send personalized email communications such as campaigns, newsletters and announcements with custom fields inserted into mail merge messages to a large audience? Instead of manually adding the recipients in Gmail, would you like to directly link Google Sheets to your mail and it refers to the recipients directly from the spreadsheet? If so, Google just launched the latest update; Google Sheets can support mail merge in Gmail now.     Source: Google Workspace Update   Last year, Google announced the features beneficial to sending personalized individual emails to many recipients with “multi-send for Gmail”, and “the

15 Sep
Google Improving Tool Discovery in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

Save time, and easily search for any features or functions in your Docs, Sheets and Slides.     Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are widely popular among Google Workspace users. They are online documents and easy to access, share, and support real time collaboration. Many new functions and features are always updated to improve users’ experiences enhancing more productivity. Recently, Google announced the latest improvement on tool discovery that will make it simpler for users to find any features and commonly used tools.   Before the update, this search feature is under the Help menu (Help > Search the menus). However, after this latest capability, the enhanced tool discovery will be located at the top of the menu on Google

25 Aug
Schedule Meeting Time Easier and Faster from Your Gmail

  Time slot selection in Gmail integrated with Calendar enhances you to propose meeting time conveniently.   Whenever you want to schedule meeting time with the other, especially during hybrid work mode, have you ever counted how many times sending emails meeting invitations back- and-forth until the process is completed? Are you looking for a way to find common available time with customers, partners or people in organizations whose Google Calendars are invisible? If so, why won’t you try the latest update; “Time slot selection in Gmail”?   This latest update includes 2 main features: “offer times when you’re free”, and “create an event” from Calendar into your Gmail. The first one, “offer times when you’re free”: you can select

11 Aug
Simplify Communication in Google Chat by New Update Features

  Latest improvements from Google Chat maximize users’ communication experience.   Google Chat, a secured communication tool, allows users to respond to direct chat or group conversations with whom they work with. It provides smooth connection among teams to keep healthy communication. Users can collaborate on projects with their teams or groups, share files, assign tasks, or even create announcements for internal PR.   Lately, Google Chat developed and brought in many key features to improve user experience including declutter conversation, smart compose, see read receipt in group Chat and add hyperlinks to text.   The first feature, declutter conversation will be helpful for users when they want to find their most relevant Chat easily. It will automatically hide some

26 Jul
Improve Table Management Experience in Google Docs

  You can enjoy more flexible ways to handle tables in your Google Docs.   Google Docs provides seamless collaboration. Many people are able to create the online documents, edit files together in real-time and easily share across devices. It is one of the most favorite applications, and widely used among Google Workspace users. Moreover, it can also insert tables to documents to organize data that is too detailed or complicated to be described adequately in the text allowing users to quickly see the results without difficulty.   However, have you ever been frustrated by arranging tables in documents? Especially, when you want to move tables surrounded by your text causing overlap among the messages. It might take a long